Enabling IT as a
ACMA -IT is a subcommittee formed under the aegis of ACMA to spearhead and facilitate the adoption of Information Technology in ACMA member firms. Underlying the initiative is the fact that successful adoption of appropriate Information Technology solutions provide firms the advantage to excel in this highly competitive global environment. IT adoption is no longer an option. It is indispensible to succeed.

To sustain the growth trajectory in the face of increasing competition in the global and domestic markets, Indian auto component firms will have to create a new set of competitive advantages based on value-creation in addition to cost reduction. The firms will have to focus on moving up the value curve and relentlessly increase firm level productivity through adoption of global manufacturing best practices. IT will be a key enabler for the Indian auto component firms to achieve these aspirations.

IT adoption will provide tremendous benefits especially when the IT investments are aligned to business goals. For example, it is important to integrate IT adoption at the level of business processes instead of at the technology level. This understanding will firstly, help the automobile component realize significant returns from IT investments and secondly, facilitate the IT vendor firms to develop solutions which are specific to the requirements of the Automobile Component Industry. The auto component manufacturing sector in India has seen tremendous growth in recent years and therefore one expects this sector to be ahead of others in IT adoption. An understanding of IT adoption processes in this sector can also be useful in defining effective IT adoption strategies for other sectors as well.